“Singer/songwriter, Holly Arballo, from the small village of Hinesburg, VT, is a raw and defined artist with a compelling story of triumph from tribulation. After an unexpected accident, Holly's life had taken a turn for the worst. During only their 2nd year of marriage, Holly had become a 24/7 caregiver for her husband, a wounded veteran, who had received a traumatic brain injury during a rescue mission while serving in the US Coast Guard. Battling a life-long diagnosis of her husband's severe PTSD and physical trauma, bringing in the darker days of her husband's hospitalization and some time behind bars, Holly found herself trapped in between homelessness and talking her husband out of suicide, while struggling to keep her family together. As his caregiver and as well as a mother to her 2 children, Holly put her music on hold for what was thought to be forever. But after 4 years of daily treatment and recovery, Holly and her family have found their way out of those darker days. Holly was able to uniquely find her way back into the music scene while taking care of her husband and family, and has only blossomed into a more successful and creative artist, having life experiences to capture the heart of any listener.”

As a songwriter, producer, and performer, Holly creates a rare sound from the styles of indie, folk, and jazz. Buzzing her way through her career, you can spot her original song, "Blue House" placed in independent film, Zephyr, written and directed by Jay Arcansalin, as she continues to grow her work into the tv and film industry. As a sought-after performer, Holly also performs for weddings, holiday parties, special events, and corporate parties, with an extensive repertoire in jazz, blues, pop, and holiday classics. With a warm, inviting voice, Holly truly engages her listeners with such unique timbre that keeps her audience wanting more."


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