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  1. Sober

From the recording Sober (single)

Sober, written in 2015, was an icebreaker song for Holly as a songwriter. Ever since songwriting at the age of 13, Holly has only been comfortable writing songs with a "happy" and "fun" vibe, in fears of showing any kind of vulnerability with darker life experiences. She was always afraid that people wouldn't like or connect with those songs she had alway attempted to write but never finish. Sober was finished in 2015 during a time when Holly found peace in vulnerability and just as an experiment, she only shared a 15 second clip of it to social media to see what kind of reaction the song would receive. To her surprise, Holly had gotten more positive reactions and reinforcement from that 15 second clip than she ever imagined. People had commented their connection to the song that struck them hard and expressed their gratitude for Holly opening herself up and allowing the audience to connect and receive even just the slightest amount of peace in being reassured that no one is ever alone in their struggles or hard times. Thankful to the audience, fans, and friends, Holly Arballo continued to record the song, with Studio In The Pines, and has official released the song, Sober, as a single.


I wish that I could be the one
But I know I'm not
I don't think that I could even handle it
I wish that you would talk to me
Without having a drink
I liked you better when you were sober

Well tell me do you think you're capable
Of being on your own
Or have you already found someone
To take my place?
If I were there would you even notice me?
Oh darlin' your blank stare
Never did anything for me

Well I'm enough, I do believe
I really don't need
Much of anything

You tell me all about your history
Well it doesn't mean that much to me
When you're distracted constantly
I'm getting over all this back and forth
Just say what you mean
Your tangled shit is taking it's toll on me

Well I'm enough, I do believe
I really don't need
Much of anything

I may have worn my heart on my sleeve
And said some things that I really didn't mean
But don't be fooled
I'm not as naive as you may think
I know how well you can lie
And fabricate your every line
Well at least I tried

I'm enough, I do believe
I really don't need
Much of anything